• The warmth of a human hand
    brings life to manufacturing

    Our experience , high skills and sensibility creates high-value products.

  • Integrated manufacturing
    service provided in clean rooms

    From plastic injection molding, assembly and inspection to
    packaging and packing, all in a one-stop solution

  • Company encouraging women to play active roles

    Well planned, Considerate and careful manufacturing process
    is our distinguishing feature.

From plastics injection molding, assembly, inspection to packaging/packing
We meet your needs with integrated manufacturing.

KYOWA SEIKO CO.,LTD. is a company that manufactures medical equipment, precision equipment, and small plastic resin molded component.
Owning ISO7(class 10,000) clean rooms in all factories, we are capable of integrated manufacturing from molding, assembly, inspection to packaging and packing.

What's New

Unfortunately, the latest news is provided in Japanese only.

KYOWA SEIKO has obtained ISO 9001 certification, registration of medical equipment manufacturing industry.
We practice a reliable PDCA to improve manufacturing quality.

  • Saitama Plant
  • Sai-no-kuni designated factory
    (By Saitama)
  • Registration of medical equipment manufacturing industry

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