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The warmth of a human hand brings life to manufacturing. With factory automation accelerated, industrial robots are now playing a leading role in manufacturing scenes across Japan. We believe that it is difficult to expect robots to grant us with the same precision and delicate judgement that a human could with skills and senses on the quality.

We are convinced that such roles should be taken on by human skills and sensibility, and that such abilities would contribute to the creation of high-value products in the coming era.

Teruyoshi Taniguchi, CEO

Interview with President

Having grown Kyowa Seiko to what it is today with employees since its establishment over 40 years ago, President Teruyoshi Taniguchi now places his hope for the future.

The President expresses his hope:

Consistently giving priority to “meeting the needs of customers,” we have handled each single job with sincerity, which led to our advantages of “From contract assembly to integrated manufacturing” and “Clean rooms”. My passion for “Sticking to Made-in-Japan products” is supported by the “hands” and “eyes” of the women on the factory floor. We now have a hope to put overseas business into our future outlook. To be specific, we are hoping to have our “Japan quality” recognized by overseas companies and to seek the possibility of meeting their requests. Eventually, our ultimate goal is to bring out finished products of “Kyowa Seiko” brand. The only way to make it happen, I believe, is to adhere to “Deadline” and “Quality”, working on each single job with wholehearted commitment.

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